Graduate Lecture Series: Barbara T. Smith, Artist

October 9, 2013
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
University Park Campus
Harris Hall (HAR)

Wong Conference Center 
Harris Hall (HAR)
850 West 37th Street
Los Angeles, CA 9008

Barbara T. Smith is one of the pioneers of performance and body art. Along with such artists as Nancy Buchanan, Chris Burden, Allan Kaprow, Suzanne Lacy, and Paul McCarthy, Smith redefined the nature of art by creating durational performances in which she used her own body
often at some personal risk.

Beginning in 1968, Smith was foregrounding her own corporeal and gendered experience in experimental performances such as "Ritual Meal" and "Feed Me". In the 21st Century Odyssey, Smith embarked upon a journey quest for spiritual transformation thus reinscribing the tourist landscape. Her life long commitment to alternative spirituality as in "Celebration of the Holy Squash" anticipates many contemporary artists who incorporate spiritual practices in art making.
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