Faculty member Kristin Calabrese in solo exhibition at Brennan & Griffin, New York


People Might Get Hurt

April 10–May 8, 2011

Brennan & Griffin
120 E Broadway, 6 FL
NY, NY 10002
Wednesday–Sunday, 12–6 pm and by appointment

As dry as a stick in winter is how Kristin Calabrese wants the viewer to read her paintings. Like a secret garden with paths, hedge animals, garden statuary and graffiti on the walls, Calabrese's paintings function like an enclosed maze. Physically and psychologically, her paintings stand-in for frozen objects and moments in time which strive never to end. Her paintings are personal in that they are a record of the artists' trace presence upon the world. She holds up a mirror to the world in which she inhabits. In this group of paintings, the mirror is tilted down: into the studio, onto her pants, and around at the area immediately outside her studio. Brightly colored flowers, torn floral sheets and trompe l'œil spraypaint exist on one canvas to speak about different ways to draw a flower and the speed and slowness that an individual mark can take. A canvas leans in the corner on which is depicted a life-size portrait of the artist holding a knife, another painting depicts the false exit of a somewhat banal alley decorated with a throne of trash, a stream of piss, cigarette butts and a stuffed animal. In all of the works there is a heightened awareness of what it takes to construct something that appears to be natural, with a million little decision-laden brushstrokes, versus something just existing in the natural world. These paintings are copied from life, similar to someone learning a new dance step on the dance floor, trying not to let their partner see them looking at other people's feet. The paintings attempt to stop time, make a monument for a moment and encase that moment in oil paint.

This will be Kristin Calabrese's second Solo Exhibition in New York. Calabrese received her MFA from UCLA in Los Angeles, California. She has previously had solo exhibitions with Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills, Leo Koenig, Inc., New York, Michael Janssen, Cologne, Germany.

Kristin Calabrese, For Your Own Good, 43 x 49 inches, oil on canvas, 2010.