Nick Kramer (MFA '08) in two-person exhibition at Thomas Solomon Gallery


April 30–June 11, 2011
Opening reception: Friday, April 29th, 6–8 pm

Thomas Solomon Gallery
427 Bernard Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The pairing of these two young Los Angeles-based artists, Josh Mannis and Nick Kramer, highlights a shared preoccupation with generation, repetition and internal reflection. The phrase "Who's the Father of Learning?" is taken from a Lil' Wayne freestyle in which he riffs on repetition being "the father of learning." The works presented here are the result of the artists' individual investigations into art making strategies such as automatism, formal quotation and self-referential processes.

Nick Kramer presents a new series of wall-mounted works, as well a new cast-steel sculpture edition. In his Red Wings series, the artist forms and hardens the rags he uses in the studio (cleaning up spilled paint and the like) as a manner of presenting gestures that would otherwise be lost or ignored. Not quite ready-made, the objects present themselves as organic "images" of the artist's actions, marked not only by his hand, but also evidence of untold and typically unseen gestures that propel the making of other works. In his Jade Boat edition Kramer has reused elements from other sculptures through the casting process as an extension of his unique sculptural vocabulary, discussing the role of duplication in the perception and existence of objects and how, in turn, these objects affect the perception of space.