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Critical Conversations features talks by visiting artists, curators, theorists, art historians, writers, organizers, activists, architects and other types of cultural producers, who engage in critical, open, rigorous conversations with the graduate students, and other attending members of the public. Notions/realities of public space, and the cultural politics of the public sphere, are explored from various disciplinary and ideological perspectives, so that the classroom becomes a potential locus of authentic public domain experience: a place wherein multiple discursive positions are brought into contact, even into moments of productive friction, and new knowledge is generated.

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Guest Speakers: 2007–2011

Doug Aitken
Edgar Arceneaux
Ute Meta Bauer
Sabine Breitwieser
Teddy Cruz
Steve Dietz
Mark Dion
Sam Durant
Andrea Fraser
Rudolf Frieling
Thelma Golden
Hou Hanru
Jens Hoffmann
Alfredo Jaar
Paul Ramírez Jonas
Grant Kester
Norman Klein
Michael Krichman
Miwon Kwon
Rick Lowe
Daniel Joseph Martinez
Allan McCollum
Kyong Park
Anne Pasternak
Marko Peljhan
Patricia Phillips
Marjetica Potrč
Allan Sekula
Gregory Sholette
Rochelle Steiner
Gloria Sutton
Nato Thompson
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Anton Vidokle
Beatrice von Bismarck
Krzysztof Wodiczko
Peter Zellner

Critical Conversations


Kyong Park: Feb. 1, 2011

MPAS Critical Conversations: Kyong Park

Kyong Park is an associate professor in the Department of Visual Arts at University of California, San Diego
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Sam Durant: Jan. 25, 2011

MPAS Critical Conversations: Sam Durant

Sam Durant is a multimedia artist whose works engage a variety of social, political, and cultural issues.
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Marko Peljhan: Jan. 18, 2011

MPAS Critical Conversations: Marko Peljhan

A native of Slovenia and a theatre and radio director by profession...
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Edgar Arceneaux: Jan. 11, 2011

MPAS Critical Conversations: Edgar Arceneaux

Edgar Arceneaux is a Los Angeles-based artist, and Director of the Watts House Project.
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Gregg Bordowitz: Jan. 19, 2010

MPAS Critical Conversations: Gregg Bordowitz

Gregg Bordowitz (Born August 14, 1964, Brooklyn, N.Y.) is a writer, film and video maker, and teacher.
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Dan Cameron Lecture: Feb. 2, 2010

Dan Cameron is Founder and Artistic Director of U.S. Biennial, Inc, a not-for-profit organization.
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John Welchman: Feb. 9, 2010

MPAS Critical Conversations: John Welchman

John C. Welchman is Professor of art history in the Visual Arts department at the University of California, San Diego.
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Boris Groys Lecture: Feb. 16, 2010

Boris Groys is a philosopher, essayist, critic, media theorist, and an internationally acclaimed expert on late-Soviet postmodern art.
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Vito Acconci Lecture: Feb. 23, 2010

Vito Acconci is a New York-based artist and writer.
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Mark Bradford and Rick Lowe Lecture: March 2, 2010

Mark Bradford is a Los Angeles based artist. Rick Lowe is an artist, architect, urban designer, developer, businessman.
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Harrell Fletcher: March 3, 2010

MFA Lecture Series, Handtmann Photography Lecture Series, & the MPAS 
Program present: Harrell Fletcher

Harrell Fletcher has worked collaboratively and individually on a variety of socially engaged, interdisciplinary projects.
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Maria Lind: March 9, 2010

MPAS Critical Conversations: Maria Lind

Maria Lind is the Director of the Graduate Program at Bard College Center for Curatorial Studies.
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Rudolf Frieling Lecture: March 23, 2009

Rudolf Frieling studied humanities at the Free University of Berlin and received a Ph.D. from the University of Hildesheim.
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Julia Bryan-Wilson: March 30, 2010

MPAS Critical Conversations: Julia Bryan-Wilson

Julia Bryan-Wilson is Associate Professor of Contemporary Art and Director of the Ph.D. Program in Visual Studies at UC Irvine.
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Renee Green: April 6, 2010

MPAS Critical Conversations: Renee Green

Renée Green is an artist, filmmaker, and writer who lives and works in San Francisco and New York.
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Antonio Muntadas Lecture: April 20, 2010

Antonio Muntadas's work addresses social, political and communications issues.
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Felicity Scott: April 27, 2010

MPAS Critical Conversations: Felicity Scott

Felicity D. Scott is Director of Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices at the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University.
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Norman Klein Lecture: Feb. 9, 2009

Norman Klein is a Los Angeles-based cultural critic and historian of mass culture.
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Visions & Voices

Architecture, Design, Art: Strategies for Survival: April 6, 2009

This event was a conversation among Teddy Cruz, Marjetica Potrc, and Krzysztof Wodiczko, organized and moderated by Joshua Decter.
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Art and Architecture in the Public Sphere of Cities: Feb. 2, 2009

This event explored art and architecture in the public sphere, and unorthodox ways of engaging the public.
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