Art Majors

Request clearance during your advisement appointment with Christina Aumann or Cara Root.

Art Minors

Request clearance during their advisement with Christina or Cara; they can also email their minor advisor to request D-clearance Include your USC ID number, full name, phone number, as well as the course number, title, 5-digit section number and time/day of the class you want clearance for. We will email or call you once you have received D-clearance. (You must be a declared minor.)

Non-Art Majors or Minors:

The Roski School of Art and Design welcomes all majors, minors, and non-majors who are interested in taking art classes. For advising, or if you encounter any barrier to registering for the class of your choice, please call our advisors at 213-821-1290.

D class assignments for qualified undergraduates available in WAH116; phone 213-821-1290

Students who have not been admitted to Roski School of Art and Design major or minor may complete a maximum of 20 units of Fine Arts at USC. No further course work may be taken until admitted. Contact Penelope Jones in WAH104.

Beginning on the first day of the third week of classes, ALL FINE ARTS CLASSES are converted from "R" to "D," requiring instructor signature and departmental authorization for registration. Take signed add/drop form to WAH116 for clearance.

Attendance is mandatory for all students registered in Fine Arts classes. roski.usc.edu YOU MUST ATTEND THE FIRST SESSION of each course or you may be replaced by a student on the waiting list, even if you are registered.

If you do not register for a class for which you have D-clearance by the registration deadline, your D-clearance will EXPIRE. Roski School of Art and Design "R" courses change to "D" in the third week of classes, and require both instructor and departmental approval.