Undergraduate Ambassadors

Roski School Ambassadors are currently enrolled undergraduates who are well versed in what the Gayle Garner Roski School has to offer. They are excited to speak with prospective, transfer, international, and current undergraduate students. They will also serve as panelists, tour guides, and help at various Roski School events.

Ambassadors are available to virtually meet with you to discuss their experiences at the Roski School, show you around our campus (when we are all back), and answer any questions you have about your program of interest or point you to the right person to speak with.

Contact our Ambassadors today to get a student’s perspective on our school.



Lynn Bae

Lynn Bae is sophomore at USC Roski School of Art and Design majoring in design with a minor in computer programming. Joining this community has enabled her to not only grow as a well-rounded individual but also to prepare for a successful career after graduation. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, where it is home to many art communities, museums, and galleries, Roski has so many opportunities. Lynn is encouraged to explore new opportunities and personal interests outside the art school and have an interdisciplinary approach to different fields of study in the belief that they, too, provide inspiration. What captivates Lynn is being able to attend an art school with small class sizes in a big research university. She encourages students to take advantage of the resources available to them is very excited to be a part of the ambassador team to support you with your needs. 

Email: lbae@usc.edu
Website: www.yunjungbae.com


Laila Hassell

Laila Hassell is a current undergraduate student majoring in Design with a minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures. She is a dancer, musician, and designer based in Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi, UAE. As an artist and designer, her work blends mundane imagery with vividly whimsical compositions, creating a visual that highlights various aspects of reality within an imaginative space. Laila’s main goal in her practice is to evoke the experiencers imagination, ultimately reminding them that reality is what they choose to make it. Her main areas of focus are Graphic Design, Fashion Design, and Art Direction.

Email: lhassell@usc.edu
Portfolio: www.lailahassell.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/laila-hassell-3a25bb206/
IG: @laila.hassell


Iris Kang

Iris Kang is an undergraduate Roski student majoring in BFA Design as well as looking into a Product Design Minor. She is interested in focusing on Product Design, Package Design, and Illustration. Iris grew up in Southern California in LA county and loves to illustrate and craft (currently self-teaching herself embroidery and crocheting during this pandemic). Some other non-creative hobbies that she enjoys are snowboarding, volleyball, and video games. Iris transferred to USC in 2019 from UCSD and is aware of the environmental and administrative differences between public and private universities. Feel free to reach out and ask questions and she will be more than happy to help to the best of her ability. 

Email: iriskang@usc.edu 
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/iris-kang-5b91401b7/
IG: @iris__kang


Emma Pulaski

Emma Pulaski is a junior is a BFA design major with a double minor in psychology and product design. Like some of you, she had no idea what to expect or what she wanted to do when applying to college. All she knew was that she wanted to go somewhere that let her explore and find her own path along the way and Roski seemed like the perfect place. It encourages students to explore different interests, passions, and creative outlets. Emma has experimented and challenged herself with classes like ceramics, abnormal psychology and 3D printing before choosing an emphasis in design. Her love for design goes beyond the classroom; this spring semester 2021 she joined the Trojan Marketing Group, where she will be the design director in the fall! When she is not in the studio or working on a project, you’ll probably find her making pasta, doing yoga, or reading a book. Some of her recent favorites are Normal People, Exit West, and Finna. Feel free to reach out- she’d love to chat about Roski, music, career goals, design, or really anything else!

Email: epulaski@usc.edu


Yao Sun

Yao Sun is a first-generation immigrant and the youngest out of three triplets. She loves thrifting, Studio Ghibli films, K-Pop, and a good ole cup of tea. She has a fine arts background and narrowed her field into design after coming to Roski. Yao’s favorite aspect about Roski is its multidisciplinary program which gives students like her the freedom and opportunity to explore with diverse styles, tools, and audiences. With this flexibility, her design work reflects works about her Chinese-American identity to the functionality of corporate-identity branding. She is excited to be a part of the Roski Ambassador program and do not be afraid to reach out to her for anything. She looks forward to getting to know all of you!

Email: ysun6596@usc.edu
IG: @yao_he_he


Imran Tallman

Imran Tallman is a sophomore BFA Design major and will graduate with a minor in Product Design at IYA and a specialization in Viterbi’s Computer Programming. Born and raised in San Diego, he has been blessed to have the beach and mountains right at his fingertips. Inspired by the local surroundings as well as his travels, he became obsessed with photography throughout high school. Years later, he knew he wanted to pursue a creative degree but wanted to move past photography. This decision ultimately led him to Roski’s awesome design program. Imran plans to use his experience and education at USC in a UX/UI, product or interactive design career at companies such as Apple Inc, Tesla, and Disney Imagineering. Reach out to him up if you’re looking for some advice, a break from school, or a design collab!

Email: itallman@usc.edu
Portfolio: itallman.myportfolio.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/imran-tallman-43280619b
IG: @focus.and.shoot


David Torres

David Torres is a sophomore studying design at Roski. He values the relationships formed at this school just as much as he values the education. You learn just as much in a classroom as you would by meeting new people and expanding your worldview. David is an outgoing and accepting person ready for any experience coming my way. His personal hobbies include experimenting with watercolor, screenprinting, creating music/ jamming with friends, reading, gardening, and brewing kombucha. He has taken a liking to these hobbies because of the unpredictability that comes naturally with their experimentation. It keeps each of these interests fresh and exciting for him, plus they offer benefits to his mental/physical health that have overall helped him through the stressful time we are ALL experiencing. David encourages you to pickup a new hobby and give it a try!

Email: davideto@usc.edu
Website: detorr.bigcartel.com
IG: @d.e.torr 


Michelle Yi

Michelle Yi is a sophomore BFA Design major and is pursuing a minor in Web Technologies and Applications at the Viterbi School of Engineering. Design has always led her to find solutions. Reflecting on her journey with this discipline, she has developed an understanding of how to utilize her profession to provide solutions for people to connect their ideas to live projects. Previously, she explored the human psyche through fine arts by studying our identities as human beings. Now, as a digital product designer, Michelle utilizes her fine arts background to create personalized experiences in the technology-driven world. She is a firm believer in the positive impact design embodies and understands that as a designer, she has a responsibility to improve peoples’ lives through visual interaction. She strives to deliver effective and interactive solutions for people through collaborative work in addition to continuing her studies with the human psyche at USC Roski.

Email: myi41396@usc.edu
Portfolio website: www.michelleyi.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/michelleyi-design/
IG: @mishhyi
Passion project website—zine: www.involvmag.com