Coursework offered through Syracuse University is exclusively for students from American universities. The program is appropriate for sophomore-level students. Students live in private Italian homes with Florentine families. This program requires two semesters of Italian language taken for a letter grade "B" average or better.

A sample art major semester might include 5 courses for a total of 15 units:

Italian Language Course: Level 3: ITA 201 or higher required – 4 units (transfers to USC towards third semester language)
Italian Cultures & Community Course (required; comes back as elective units) – 2 units

Studio Art A – 3 units

Studio Art B – 3 units

Studio Art C – 3 units

Media available for credit towards art major or minor: Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking. Selected courses in these media will count towards the additional lower or upper studio units required for artmajors, depending on the course. Your application portfolio will determine course sequence placement.

Departmental approval must be obtained in advance to assure credit. All other art media courses do not count for any USC credit.