Digital Media

The Digital Media area recognizes that the digital media is an inter-dependent area of study, and all practices must consider the implications of technology. We present the digital medium as a tool for art-making, and ask students to consider the implications of the digital in art, and the relationship of the digital to long-standing exploration within the fine arts.

Courses offer hands-on instruction in digital photography, the internet, and video experimentation. Software training includes: Final Cut X, Compressor, Pro Tools, After Effects, and DVD Studio Pro. Video presentation training includes: video projectors, flat screens, monitors, media and DVD players, multi-channel presentations, sound installations, and web. Courses screen a vast and exciting collection of contemporary artists and filmmakers, focusing on discursive art practices both historically and contemporarily and discussing the specific roles that film, video, sound, performance, writing, and narrative forms have played for artists within history.


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