The photography area provides students with the technical and conceptual background necessary to build compelling photographic practices. This is achieved through experimentation, thoughtful making, and critique in addition to scholarly research on the theoretical, critical, and historical discourses surrounding the field of photography. Students are encouraged to assemble a unique constellation of interests that facilitates self-directed, self-motivated research and art production.


The photography faculty teach both film and digital techniques, as well as cross disciplinary moves between photography, digital media, performance, and installation.  Studio courses utilize digital and black and white darkrooms, scanning, lighting techniques, software, and a range of camera formats including 35mm, DSLR, medium format and 4 x 5 film cameras, darkroom, and digital printing. 


The photography program annually presents the Handtmann Photographic Lecture Series and fosters connections to the rich multilayered cultural resources of Los Angeles via public exhibitions, lectures, films, and happenings.



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