Alexis C. McDonald

MFA Art '20

Alexis C. McDonald

Alexis C. McDonald: artist. Writer. Virgo. Wanderlust. Learner.

A L.A. transplant from Atlanta, GA, Alexis C. McDonald studied electronic media at the University of Miami. During her last two years, she took photography classes introducing her to a new medium for storytelling. Alexis explains her pursuance of photography as a way to express her belief that black people are worthy of being noticed and documented.

Alexis enjoys the power and control her images have over the audience, whether it’s black nudity or black hair, she believes there is power in seeing and she wants to demonstrate the beauty and majesty of the black body.

In addition to demonstrating the magificence of blackness to the world, Alexis aims for her photographs to be a reminder to her community of their regality. In 2017, Alexis received the ACC-IAC Innovation and Creativity Fellowship to host a photography workshop for schoolgirls in Durban, South Africa. The workshop focused on utilizing photography to improve self-efficacy and self-esteem. Alexis is currently a 2020 MFA candidate at the University of Southern California.

Alexis C. McDonald, "Black Hair Magic," 2015
Alexis C. McDonald