Jessica Taylor Bellamy

MFA Art '22

Jessica Taylor Bellamy

Jessica Taylor Bellamy grew up in Whittier, CA. She received a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Fine Arts Painting from USC in 2014. Her polysci philosophy background greatly influences the themes she explores as does her California upbringing and very mixed family.

Bellamy’s oil paintings are usually developed from a note, title, or phrase that comes to her while navigating a way through life in Los Angeles. She uses the familiarity and comfort of California landscapes and aesthetics to connect shared visual references with the mood of chaotic unrest that is undeniable in our shared historical moment. Presenting an intensified view of contemporary life that wavers between idealism and existential ambivalence and the identity of a place while exploring themes of feminism, gentrification, environmental woes, and her personal family history linked with the city. 

Jessica is interested in defining the American dream and this idea will continue to shape her work as it evolves, finding symbols for these greater themes within our shared visual rolodex.

Recently her work has been included in exhibitions such as Boiling Point and Parallel Realities and Unpopular Truths with Superposition Gallery.

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Jessica Taylor Bellamy
Jessica Taylor Bellamy, "Absolute Power," 2020, oil on canvas 30 × 40 inches
Jessica Taylor Bellamy, "Chaotic Good Sunset Palms (catch this bouquet)," 2019, oil on hand-shaped wood panel, approx 36 x 18 inches