Jean Robison

Lecturer of Fine Arts

Jean Robison

Jean Robison is an interdisciplinary multimedia artist. Working primarily in video, the internet and social practice, her work includes animation, digitally manipulated paintings, photography and performance. Robison’s work reinterprets artifacts of mass media to explore how consciousness and perception are shaped by pre-digested imagery and information generally brought to us by movies, television and the web. Often infused with an unlikely mix of gravity and humor, her work embodies a hybrid sensibility that utilizes a variety of media to explore popular culture and documentary rhetoric as well as the mechanical devices of information delivery like cameras, screens and the printed surface.

In a body of work focused on cinema, Robison manipulates specific films by warping, looping and stretching brief scenes to tease out underlying messages of sexuality, banal horror and sheer pleasure of visual meditation. Many of Robison’s works invite viewers to exercise their imaginations or project their own fears and fantasies onto the art object. Her video work engages the viewer’s mind and body via large projection areas and dynamic audio components. Robison’s use of the internet as a field of artistic material and delivery system allows for more personal and private interaction. This work absconds with coding typical to monolithic entities like Google Maps to analyze the physical actions and gestures of web navigation. Robison’s engagement with media undermines pre-conceived notions of art making and consumption. She often works in collaboration with fellow artists, programmers and actors exploring notions of authorship as well as ownership.

Robison is a member of Finishing School a socially engaged art, design, and technology collective. Their practice explores areas of play, praxis, and activism with projects that attempt to demystify cultural production and engage viewers into various participatory models.

Robison is the recipient of awards and scholarships and her work has shown in numerous venues nationally, internationally and on the web. She is a co-founder of an artist residency located in Oaxaca, Mexico and international travel informs her sensibility. Robison has curated several exhibitions in the greater Los Angeles Area , participates in social engagement projects such as a digital artist residency and is co-organizer of an international flat file project, involving artists in Dubai, UAE, South Africa, Italy and the United States.

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