Paul Donald


Paul Donald


Paul Donald was born and raised in New Zealand before attending the University of Sydney, Australia, where he earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree in painting. After living for several years in Manchester, UK, and then Montreal, Canada, he has settled in Los Angeles. He has worked broadly across painting, sculpture, video, and performance, exhibiting and performing in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, and the USA.

Donald’s recent works include the performance “Moby Dick” as part of “Soloflex” a performance series presented by Jennifer Locke and Red Zone in Los Angeles (2019), as well as “UNsettler” which was performed in Wellington New Zealand as part of the annual event of The Performance Arcade (2019). Upcoming works include “Centaur (Petting Zoo)” as part of the LA Freewaves event “X-aMEN-ing Masculinities” in Los Angeles. He teaches and lives in Los Angeles, Califoria.


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Would Work (2011), lumber, hardware, tools, camera, video monitors, dvd players, performed as part of the Nothing Like Paul Donald, performance exhibition curated by Blair French, Artspace, Sydney, Australia
Paul Donald, "Cause Way" (2013), lumber, hardware, tools, camera, video monitors, Miami Beach Urban Studios, Florida international University, Florida
Paul Donald, Endymion (2016), carved lumber, drywall, TV makeup, photocopies, fake fur, video camera, performance component of the exhibition Endymion Project, CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles
Paul Donald, Ensemble performance as part of Marcus Kuiland-Nazario’s work Macho Stereo (2019), Cedar wood, nails, hand tools, sawhorses, shaving kits, 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, California
2019 Paul Donald, “UnSettler” (2019), lumber, hardware, tools, chalk, measuring stick, compass, costume, performed over three days as part of the Performance Arcade festival, Wellington, New Zealand
Paul Donald, “Moby Dick” (2019), cedar wood, nails, hand tools, TV makeup, endoscope, recorded narration, performed for the Soloflex performance series curated by Jennifer Locke, temporary exhibition space, Los Angeles
Paul Donald, “Housework” (2020), lumber, hardware, tools, underwear, performed as part of Drive-By-Art (Public Art in this Moment of Social Distancing) alongside Marcus Kuiland-Nazario and Michelle Fabb, Santa Monica