Coleman Needles

MFA Art '20

Coleman Needles

Coleman Needles is an artist from Houston, Texas, currently making art out of his crawlspace studio underneath his apartment in Los Angeles. Needles work includes paintings, mixed media, and sculpture. His work is rooted in material exploration, the idea of physical liminality, and the investigation of the conscious mind.

His work enters the modern art conversation through the disciplines of industrial fabrication and architecture. He uses raw materials, semi- or fully fabricated parts, and construction material to heighten the absurdities of seemingly banal structures. He applies skills he has learned as a laborer and metal fabricator to manipulate the materiality of objects / substances, taking into account their associations and metaphorical potential prior to being manipulated.

Needles draws inspiration from the incredible dichotomy between the internal self and the mundane visual and material world he lives in. His work attempts to embrace the concept of physical liminality, considering the industrial nature of the cities he has lived in and the impact of space on the human experience. By hand painting, applying heat, cutting, drilling, and screwing different objects he introduces warmth of touch to selectively dull objects.

Coleman Needles, "Constricted"
Coleman Needles, "Beaten Face" (detail), paint
Coleman Needles, "Painted Object,"
Coleman Needles, "Interface" (detail)