Eva Aguila

MFA Art '24

Eva Aguila


Eva Aguila is a Mexican American interdisciplinary artist and organizer born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Aguila’s background includes sound, video, performance, and social practice work inspired by history, the in-between, and structuralist techniques. Her work is informed by the oral histories of the Mexican diaspora, specifically her familial rural Michoacán communities. Aguila collects histories passed from generation to generation, from mystical clairvoyant healing to objects, telling narratives using a variety of mediums such as socially engaged events, installations, multi-channel video works, and public sculpture. As the co-founder and Director of Coaxial Arts Foundation, an artist-run non-profit organization located in LA, she is dedicated to experimental sound, video and performance art. Aguila sees Coaxial Arts Foundation as a way to further the community of interdisciplinary media artists in LA, as well as foster the community itself. Her passion for grassroots organizing started as a need to support underrepresented artists communities as ephemeral art is not always represented in traditional art galleries and works in tandem with her artistic practice.


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Eva Aguila, 11.5.21 Performance
Eva Aguila, "Comida a Mano" opening reception
Eva Aguila, "Comida a Mano" still
Eva Aguila, "Noise Pancakes"
Eva Aguila, "Coaxial Storefront"
Eva Aguila, "Comida a Mano," installation view.
Eva Aguila, "Potato Tacos"
Eva Aguila, "Abolish Ice"