Jiayun Chen

MFA Art '23

Jiayun Chen

Jiayun Chen grew up in Wenzhou, China, a industrial city where 90% of the lighters sold in Europe are made in. Her art practice involves drawing, trophy making and a variety of canvas activities—painting, canvas thread sculptures and installation. She has a special interest in canvas as a subject as well as a material. Jiayun sees canvas as a playground that carries complex histories and more importantly: undiscovered possibilities. She also believes that painting is to emphasis and drawing is to experiment. To her, drawing has this profound freedom that contrasts with the implied monumentality of a blank canvas.

Jiayun graduated from California Institute of the Arts with a BFA in 2020 and most recently co-organized a collaborative project; 同乡会 / 同鄉會 / Tong Xiang a / 동창회 / Reunion in Chinatown.


instagram: @11x111

Jiayun Chen, "Almost an Unshakeable Fence"
Jiayun Chen, "Almost a Proud Announcement"
Jiayun Chen, "Collages"
Jiayun Chen, "Untitled (nails)"
Jiayun Chen, "Bows and Ties"