Jordan Cash-Cooper

MFA Art '24

Jordan Cash-Cooper


Cash-Cooper (b. 1990, New York, NY) is an artist devoted to furthering the shared history of humanity, primarily through large-scale paintings. His work, informed by grand narratives of spirituality and anchored in the broad, inclusive practice of “worship,” simultaneously borrows  techniques and approaches from Silver Age (1970’s) comic books and anime, and oil paintings from the Northern European Renaissance. The characters Cash-Cooper introduces en masse, stylized in ink and gouache, operate within an immanent, transcendent universe. There, bodies and beings, weapons and wild unknowns coexist towards an unforeseeable end; the only certainty is struggle, transformation, movement, journeying. 


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Cash-Cooper, "Battle Grounds"
Cash-Cooper, "The Party"
Cash-Cooper, "Uruk"
Cash-Cooper, "Ur"
Cash-Cooper, "The Triumph"
Cash-Cooper, "The Festival"
Cash-Cooper, "Black Magic, Blessed Children"
Cash-Cooper, "Black Magic, Blessed Children"