Michon Sanders

MFA Art '23

Michon Sanders

michon sanders was born in Michigan and raised in the southern city of Tallahassee, FL — an upbringing that has deeply influenced her art making. She received her BFA from California College of the Arts in 2021. Sanders recently won the AXA Art Prize juried by Julia Chiang, Erik Parker, Laurie Simmons and Salman Toor, and was featured in T Magazine, the Arts & Culture magazine of the New York Times. She recently received a scholarship to Anderson Ranch in Colorado and her first solo show will open with Friends Indeed Gallery January of 2022.


Artists Statement:

I create paintings that are representational of my experiences of Blackness, and the importance of the space and time in between. Using family photos as my primary reference material, I focus on the depiction of Black life, not the spectacle or its aftermath, but the moments of transition or pause, where next moves are being negotiated, connections are being made, and thoughts are being collected. As a Black person in living in America, I find myself inundated either with imagery of the world “happening” to the black community, or imagery of our resilience and response to those happenings. We are much more than our collective pain. My work is driven by the desire to remember those moments in between, where we as a people are just existing. Not trying to be, but actually being. I am interested in validating and uplifting the ideas and symbols of blackness, as well as celebrating the oft forgotten humanity of us as a people.


Instagram: @michonsandersart

Michon Sanders, Kings Island
Michon Sanders, "ITYTTLT"
Michon Sanders, "IWAAD"
Michon Sanders, "Untitled"
Michon Sanders, "Repast to Follow"
Michon Sanders, "You Know What"