Panpan Tanranavong

MFA Design '24

Panpan Tanranavong


Panpan Tanratanavong is a New York City / LA based illustrator/cartoonist/animator. She is currently pursuing her first semester at USC Roski for an MFA in Design. Having discovered her true passion for drawing and hand-made art at the age of 5, she has disciplined herself in creating her own very playful, child-like art style, demonstrated through different mediums. Her area of expertise includes model making, claymation, toy design, and children's illustrations. Panpan's work is often characterized as colorful, funny and youthful. It reflects her views and experiences of the world. She draws inspiration from the old Cartoon Network shows she used to watch as a child, and the little things she notices around her every day. 


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Martian's Holiday
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Grumpy Cat
Martian's Holiday (for full work, click on link in bio)
Lover Zoo (to view video, click on link in bio)