Qijun Liu

MFA Art '23

Qijun Liu

Qijun Liu graduated from the University of San Diego with a visual art degree and an art history minor. Her works tend to explore and present observed phenomena through a conceptual and multidisciplinary practice. She utilizes metaphor and poetic simplicity to represent her personal experience and inform a broader field of experience. A sense of absurdity and repetition are qualities that are often embedded in her work. Besides the influences from contemporary artists, her enthusiasm for film has a significant impact on her, resulting in a strong sense of narrative in her work. Rather than imposing a solution to a psychological conflict or societal construct through the works, she aims to ask questions about these observed phenomena. Her works provoke viewers' reflections and show the complexity of the represented conflict instead of evoking a sentimental reaction.

She was born and raised in China until 16, when she moved to the United States. Separating with her family and trying to find a way to adapt to a new culture, she starts to constantly reflect upon the idea of home, finding a sense of belonging in the world outside and within herself. Therefore, many of her works cohere around the word of relations. She draws inspiration from observations in her daily life, a mundane living state that everyone experiences, trying to see the social or cultural factors that have formed our ways of living and capture the ephemeral and subtle connections between things.


Website: www.qijunliu.space

Qijun Liu, "Fatherly Gaze," 2020, photography installation, 250 x 200 x 18 cm
Qijun Liu, "Cycles of Life," 2020, video installation, 100 x 45 x 1 cm per screen
Qijun Liu, "Human Erosion," 2019, earthworks installation, size varies
Qijun Liu, "Maryn," 2019, pigment print on transparent paper, string; 104 x 69 cm
Qijun Liu, "6954 Linda Vista," 2019, video, 03:47 min.