Sola Yang

MFA Art '23

Sola Yang

Sola Yang is a Korean artist who expresses an indigenous sense of Korea, elaborating themes of life, place, and memory. She was born and grew up in Korea and moved to Upstate New York when she was 19 years old. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Art History with a double major in Business from St. Lawrence University. As for her body of work, she is particularly interested in featuring subjects of small houses, mountains, and landscapes of Korea to elicit nostalgia of her home. Reflecting on her past life in Korea, she portrays expressive representations of blurred, overlapped, and distorted memories. Hovering between the past and the present, her artwork embraces the ambivalence that exists between Western and Eastern cultures, emotions of joy and sorrow, and abstract versus figurative arts. Through a sophisticated combination of Western and Eastern concepts in her paintings, she wants to overcome the cultural and regional limitations within art.



Instagram: @solayangart

Sola Yang, "Fireworks"
Sola Yang, "Korean War"
Sola Yang, "Rest"
Sola Yang, "Slum"
Sola Yang, "Windy Day"
Sola Yang, "A Stack of Wood"