Tianxi Ren

MFA Design '24

Tianxi Ren


Tianxi Ren is a world explorer, a design thinking enthusiast, and an interdisciplinary creator. She is passionate about life and always enjoys meeting different people and learning from their experiences. She cares about the people, the natural environment, and the future of the next generation.

As a designer with backgrounds in architecture, graphic design, UI/UX design, and photography, Tianxi designs compelling interactive experiences for people through the empathetic human-centered design process. She wants to create designs that not only fulfill people's needs and solve their problems but also empower them to become creative thinkers and designers in their lives.


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MadNet design by Tianxi Ren
Civic Hotel, design by Tianxi Ren
The PATS, design by Tianxi Ren
ABCDerium, design by Tianxi Ren