Vrinda Aggarwal

MFA Art '23

Vrinda Aggarwal

Vrinda Aggarwal (b. New Delhi) is an artist exploring the ideas of gender, identity, culture, institutional critique, and social change through performance art. Her work explores her growing up in New Delhi and studying in Los Angeles. A large aspect of her work deals with the perception of the female body across different contexts including location, religion, and social media.

She received a BA. in Communication from USC Annenberg in May 2021. The emphasis of social change theory made her interested in how beliefs are shaped in a community and with the individual. This comes from her background and experience with journalism and advertising. 

She is also fascinated by analogue processes and the “accidents” that they lead to. While thinking about moving images, she uses constructed shots to think highlight the gaze of the viewer which came about with the use of Super 8. She hopes to develop her performance art practice specifically focusing on social practice and social change.

Recently she presented her work “Rakta Mikvah” in the zoom webinar “Come A Little Closer” with the 18th Street Art Center.



Email vrindaag@usc.edu