Xiaoyuan Bao

MFA Design '24

Xiaoyuan Bao


As a multimedia artist, my goal has always been to explore the inner meaning of my works and use my interests in various areas to explore and practice new ways of communication and expression. In most of my artworks, bold, contrasting colors and vivid imagery are recurring elements. I also use symbolism when I make art because I think symbols are an excellent communication tool and can be regarded as a bridge between artists and viewers so that they could understand each other. In addition, I think that artists have a particular social responsibility in society. I believe that we should use our artworks to convey what is right, speak out for marginalized groups in society, and solve problems for people with special needs. Therefore, in a large part of my work, I reflect on social phenomena or issues that exist in our society today by combining a variety of media.


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Xiaoyuan Bao, Agatha Christie Book Cover Design
Xiaoyuan Bao, Melted
Xiaoyuan Bao, Witch Hunting Product Display
Xiaoyuan Bao, Witch Hunting Gameplay