Angelina Jesson: MFA Art Thesis Exhibition

Opening reception: Mar 3, 6pm
Exhibition on view: Mar 4 - 11
Roski Graduate Gallery



USC Roski Graduate Gallery1262 Palmetto St
Los Angeles, CA 90013


About the Exhibition:

Subverting common fairytale and sci-fi tropes, Angelina Jesson presents new, multi-channel video, 3D realistic animation and installation work. For this exhibition, Angelina explores themes of power, agency and transformation, considering what it means to come of age in a world heavily impacted by new digital technologies, and the porousness of the virtual and fantastical on our everyday reality.

Angelina creates surreal bodily tales where physical and internal transformation act as symptoms or warnings for environmental and socio-political forces. Her work pulls from the realities of corporate development in her community in London, as well as, the pervasive influence of media upon children. She places these experiences into sci-fi and fairytale genres; adopting fantasy to create a unique opportunity for alternative storytelling. In the hopes of hacking conventional ethics, aesthetics and the prevailing socio-political norms in which these stories have historically represented.  Her films unfurl from the perspectives of unlikely protagonists such as a child astronaut or personified internal organs. Consistently working with children, community members, and others that she meets along the way, Angelina’s collaborators become heightened versions of themselves within her films. Jesson builds worlds which are enchanting and warmly reminiscent of a childhood past. However, bubbling beneath this is an uneasiness which agitates surface values, eroding these facades.


About the Artist:

Angelina Jesson (b.1995, London) is a British artist based in London and Los Angeles. Angelina works in a range of mediums including narrative moving image, digital animation, photography, performance and installation. Her work can be underpinned by an interest in myth, narrative and virtuality and how this can radically alter our perception of reality. Drawing on conventions within moving image and theatre, Angelina uses fantasy as a tool to open up the possibilities of thinking about the world as it is and as it could be. Often working with communities, archives, and oral histories she builds alternative worlds which blur distinctions between binary differences; self><other, fact><fiction, true><false, internal><social worlds. 

Having trained in theatre and film in New York and London, Angelina received her BA at Central Saint Martins in 2016. Angelina has exhibited with institutions including Leeds Museum, South London Gallery, Media and Science Museum Bradford, De Bond Bruges, Everyman Cinema and State of the Art Berlin. In 2020 she was commissioned by Leeds Museum and WYQS to create Riding West on a Walrus Tail, a queer fairytale set in the rural north of England and in 2021, she was commissioned by CREATE and Arts Council England to create Earthseed, a multi-channel science fiction musical made in collaboration with students from Capital City Academy, a school in Angelina’s local community of Harlesden, London.