BFA Design 2021 Thesis Projects


BFA Design 2021 Thesis Projects
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BFA Thesis is a two semester self-directed project in which students apply design skills and theoretical interests to a topic of their choosing. Through a process of research, writing, and group discussion in the first semester, each student develops a deep understanding of a specific area of interest drawing on design and non-design knowledge resulting in a research paper. In the second semester, students develop design responses based in the research done in the first semester. There are no formal or media-based requirements for these projects, each student is wholly responsible for the development of all parts of the project. This challenges young designers accustomed  to responding to time-limited briefs with clearly defined deliverables. All 28 of this semester’s BFA students met and exceeded that challenge with innovative designs across a very wide range of media. 



Dane Archer
Claire Baszucki
Tobi Bisiriyu
Claudine Carballo
Cam Carmen
Jeffrey Carrillo
Erin Chang
Ruby Colwell
Arianna De Jesus
Olivia DeMirjian 
Zeynep Guner
Youyang Hao
Avery Hartwell
Spencer Hyde
Yuri Kawada
Andrew Kim
Stephanie Kreimerman
Isabelle Lemieux 
Talia Malchin
Keviette Minor
Tomoki Nomura
Patrick O’Reilly
Steven Erazo Padilla
Valentino Sinacola
Simran Singh
Jiyu Caroline Sohn 
Genevieve Wood
Amalia Wysocki