Brett Park Exhibition

Are You Looking Right Now?
Gayle and Ed Roski Gallery
USC Roski Studios Building
Opening reception: Mar 23, 6pm




Gayle and Ed Roski Gallery
USC Roski Studios Building
3001 S. Flower St, (enter on 30th) Los Angeles, CA 90089 


Gallery Hours

Opening reception
Mar 23, 6-8pm; open to all and free

Regular hours
Mar 24 - Apr 5, by appointment only
Request here.


Artist's Statement

My art practice encompasses a range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, and more, to explore themes of sexual and gender identity as they interact with and contradict my Korean American background. I employ the physical deconstruction and reconstruction of materials to metaphorically dismantle social norms and challenge hegemonic forces that constrain my self-expression. While much of my work's content is based on personal experience, I believe its essence resonates with universal experiences of conformity. Through my art, I strive to critique and push against societal pressures to conform, ultimately creating space for personal and collective liberation.