Compulsive Corruption

Taylor Woods Solo Exhibition
On view Mar 24 - Apr 8
Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery
Watt Hall (USC), ground floor


This is a Ruth Weisberg Prize Weisberg Prize for Drawing exhibition


Reception: Mar 23, 6pm
Covid restrictions apply, see below:


about the exhibition

In her debut solo exhibition, Taylor Woods presents an immersive installation combining painting, animation, ceramics, and sculpture. Her past work has focused on women as the main character in mythology, reframing the stories in a modern context. Her show, Compulsive Corruption, is Taylor’s own developed mythology inspired by the coming modern day apocalypse.


She explores her obsession with the inevitable corruption of life at its very inception, and her fixation on the selfishness of a continued human race. Drawing on her background in Production Design, Compulsive Corruption is a film, both in the form of a 2D video, WOMB, and in the form of a physical set. As the audience enters, they become a part of the production — they unconsciously act out characters in her film, and are forced to ask themselves which roles they are playing: the corrupter or the corrupted, the manipulator or the manipulateed. 


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