Kim Sweet: MFA Art Thesis Exhibition

The Small Things Inbetween
Opening Reception: May 5, 6pm
Exhibition on view: May 6 - 13
USC Roski Graduate Gallery



USC Roski School Graduate Building
1262 Palmetto Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013



The Small Things Inbetween explores the temporality and ephemerality of life. In this body of work through the painted landscape Kim Sweet looks at the ways we try to give meaning and structure to life. How we aim to make sense of our place in the world. In one of her works, A Way of Seeing, the grid, a traditional drawing device, is no longer just a tool for structuring a work but is an artifact imposed on the canvas and painted over. It is disregarded. “My paintings are a bit melancholic. There is a sense of loss as things are replaced with technology. But that is the nature of life.” Ms. Sweet says. The landscape depicted in A Way of Seeing will also soon be transformed by technology. The imposed grid also makes reference to the Jeffersonian grid that mapped continental North American long before it was the United States. The grid is about mapping a territory, it is about possession. Yet in Ms. Sweet’s work all struggles ultimately fall way to the eternal order. To the cosmic order that is beyond the reaches of man's small plans. From birth to death we must contend with order and chaos, gains and losses, and remember we are all, after all, just The Small Things Inbetween.



“The beauty of any creative endeavor is the creation of a boundary.” - Kim Sweet

Kim Sweet is a Los Angeles artist with deep ties to Phoenix, AZ. She earned her BFA from RISD in painting, was a member of the Phoenix artist collective The Eye Lounge Gallery, and was selected to participate in the Anderson Ranch Advanced Mentoring Program in Snowmass, CO. Principally a painter, Sweet’s work connects its audience with a sense of remembrance and comments on the poignancy of a singular moment. Her paintings are not intended to be representational. Instead, they are a medium for dialogue, a visual representation that echoes the memory of a moment. Curator Haiyang (Kevy) Yang comments that “Kim (Sweet) is very intentional in selecting material and memories when composing her art. Her paintings contain components of lived narratives ... which led to her wanting to investigate the subtext behind them. In her words, painting is a strange exercise she uses to discern energy and connectedness between people and subjects.” The content often found in Sweet’s work; solitary landscapes, singular figures or an empty interior imply a multitude of meanings depending on the cultural lens through which her art is examined. The allusions function as proxies for the allegories of the self, and those references are meant to touch on the underpinnings of the collective unconscious without ever being wholly reducible to them.

Kim Sweet is represented by Fine Arts Complex 1101 in Tempe, AZ, and Cole Pratt Gallery in New Orleans, LA.


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