MA Workshop, Roundhouse at Taylor Yards

USC Roski School of Art and Design and the 2017 MA Curatorial Practices and the Public Sphere program present Roundhouse at Taylor Yards, a curatorial platform for public engagement that aims to investigate urban change by facilitating engagement with site specific histories and by activating ephemeral spaces for creative intervention and discussion. Three participatory labs will explore the history and current changing state of Taylor Yard, a former rail yard in Glassell Park active from the 1920s to the 1980s, that will soon be re-purposed as a park, its changing landscape a sign of urban heterogeneity.    



Urban Labs at Taylor Yard

Curated by Noémie Despland-Lichtert

Meet at the entrance of the Bowtie Parcel

2700 W. Casitas, Los Angeles, CA 90039


Lab Description and Schedule  


Politics of Plants 

Sunday, October 23, 2-5pm

Explore and learn from Taylor Yard's self-seeded vegetation and weeds. Discover the close relationship between the site's biodiversity and its history. Participants will collect, draw and press weeds to create an herbarium in collaboration with landscape architect and plant expert, Jerry Taylor.


Surveying the Land

Sunday, November 6, 2-5pm

Join us to explore the past, present and future of Taylor Yard through found objects and documentation in various media. Participants will collect samples and engage in a design challenge. In collaboration with architect and designer Brendan Shea. 



Sunday, November 20, 2-5pm

Join us to learn about the history of this industrial site. Participants will explore the site, document  about their experience in a field booklet, and engage in a creative cartography exercise.


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