michon sanders: MFA Thesis Exhibition

All I have to do is stay Black and die
Opening reception: Apr 21, 6pm
Exhibition on view: Apr 22 - 29
USC Roski Graduate Gallery



USC Roski School Graduate Building
1262 Palmetto Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013


About the Exhibition:

My Blackness is beautiful, complicated, and does not need to be explained to anyone. It is something that I am hated for. It is something that is so despised, entire systems have been developed to keep it from ever reaching its full potential. It is something that is still today, seeing firsts in modern society, despite the fact that it has been demonstrating for centuries its capabilities not only meet, but often exceed the standards set by those who mean to marginalize it. It is something that is commodified, appropriated, and rebranded, all while being used against me in a court of law. I am Black. I love being Black. It is a relationship that is only complicated by the feelings others have about my Blackness. I love the journey it has taken me on thus far. I love the pain it has brought me and the joy it continues to bring. This exhibition, “All I have to do is stay Black and die” is my love letter to the Blackness that has given me everything.