Moments by Raymond Courtney, Jr.

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 14, 5:00 pm

Closing Reception: September 20, 5:00 pm


Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery

Watt Hall, Ground Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90089

Gallery Hours: Mon. - Fri., 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


About the exhibition


Moments is the first solo exhibition produced by the contemporary visual artist Raymond Courtney, Jr. He presents abstract driven work in the method of color, geometric forms, photography, sound, video, and immersive installations. Moments are relatively brief periods of time and importance. How the human mind experiences and processes moments is dictated by how the brain forms our subjective reality. The subjective reality can alter, blur, and pixelate the perception of your interpreted objective world. How you perceive the objective world is shaped by your experiences, which shift due to wavering contrast of mental and emotional states that are stimulated by highs and lows of life. 


The works emphasize the power of pure feeling or perception of reality rather than visual depiction of objects. Since the subjective reality frames how we see the objective, we are naturally predisposed to view the world from an inherently selfish lens. Courtney intends to expose our egocentric tendencies to think you're alone in your pain or happiness by presenting real time images of moments and stripping away its objectivity to allow viewers to experience each moment in complete subjectivity. The altering of these works depict how our subjective reality makes our moments abstract. After observing each moment, you quickly realize that you're not alone in the heartahce, joy, despair, and euphoria you experience throughout life. These moments you experience are pillars of normalcy for everyone's life, and are not exclusive to your own. The moments that spark various emotions are what make them unique to your life, but the feelings themselves are universal. 


Description of the work


Moments works are digitally altered photographs, video, and sound of landscapes, portraits, objects, and blue in green by Miles Davis. The installation is sectioned off to evoke multi-sensory stimulation in three distinct phases that represent the low phase, reflection phase, and high phase of life.