one never remembers alone

2020 MA Exhibition
Roski Graduate Gallery
1262 Palmetto St, LA


Exhibition on view Jan 15 - Feb 2, 2020
Gallery hours; Wed - Sun, 1 - 5pm
Exhibition is open to the public and free


Closing Program: Feb 2, 2 - 5pm
Details here.


Participating Artists: Amal Amer, Beatriz Cortez, Maria Dumlao, Sebastián Hernández, Ann Le, Joiri Minaya, Boone Nguyen and Adee Roberson


one never remembers alone: visual transmissions of kinship and memory is an exhibition and public program series that examines the ways that memory can be transmitted through generations, both temporally and spatially. The exhibition brings together artists whose work considers the notion that one’s past can be passed on to another. Employing archival and performative interventions in media such as photography, photomontage, video, printmaking, and installation, these artists activate iterations of memory and formations of kinship, building bridges between themselves and their personal and/or collective lineages. 

The title one never remembers alone references how the concepts of collective memory, diaspora, and cultural identity function as social phenomena. This exhibition interrogates the ways memories are formed through the bonds of kinship related to the experience of dispossession and diasporic movement. As a corollary, one never remembers alone also explores rememory, as coined by Toni Morrison in her novel Beloved. Rememory refers to the recollection of an obscured memory that can be similar to a haunting, an uncanny sensation of both familiarity and unfamiliarity. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by a symposium and film series that will further delve into the ideas related to the project.


one never remembers alone is organized by the 2020 MA Candidates in the Curatorial Practices and the Public Sphere program: Loujain Bager, Eve Moeykens-Arballo, Bianca M. Morán, Carlo Tuason and Joseph Daniel Valencia.