Reed van Brunschot Thesis Exhibition

On view May 9-15
Opening: May 9, 6-9pm
Afternoon Reception: May 10, 2-5pm

MFA Art Studios
3001 S. Flower St, LA


"People Write Congrats Because They can't Spell Congrajulashins"


Gallery hours: 
Mon - Sat, 11am - 6pm
Or by appointment:


Reed van Brunschot’s practice speaks to the vibrant interplay of pathos and humour that colours various registers of life under late capitalism. Through lively experiments with scale and material, her work meditates on the various cycles of consumption and idealism that drive our present moment, picking up on narratives of absurdity, disillusionment, and austerity in the process. van Brunschot’s MFA thesis show, People Write Congrats Because They Can’t Spell Congrajulashins, is populated by sculptural and installation works materializing numerous symbols of contemporary labor and a disappearing American middle class including the office cubicle, prefab suburban homes, wait line stanchions, and domestic spaces maintained by immigrant work. Here, all are rendered in miniature or gigantic stature, pushed to their exaggerated formal conclusions.

Referencing a found image of a billboard circulated and progressively re-signified as a popular Internet meme, Congrajulashins expands on various tensions that have been explored by van Brunschot to date. Teetering on the edge of the ridiculously general and the intimate, generic scenes become personal through the bodily presences of her mother and son. There is both a sense of play and a crack of disappointment in the lifelong project of getting by.

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