Roski Talk: April Greiman

April 16, 6pm

MFA Design Studios
1262 Palmetto St., LA

Event is open to the public and free
Reservations requested here.


Born and raised in Metropolitan New York, April Greiman initially studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and later went to the legendary Allgemeine Künstgewerberschule Basel(Basel School of Design in Switzerland) where she was a student of celebrated international designers Armin Hoffman and Wolfgang Weingart. In 1976, after consulting at the Museum of Modern Art, Greiman left New York for Los Angeles, where she established the practice Made in Space. Her goals were to explore new paradigms in communication design that blends technology, science, word and image with color and space—a platform on which Made in Space continues today to be a driving force in the design profession. It was in this period, in the early 1980s, that Greiman became a pioneer in digital design and was renown for her radical experiments with the Apple Macintosh. Her work has been instrumental in the acceptance and use of advanced technology in problem solving and the design process. In 2014 Greiman was featured in the Apple documentary, ‘Mac@30,’ which celebrates the use of MAC computers throughout the design industry. 

Her impact as a design practitioner, influencer, innovator and trailblazer is well documented. Her design, typography and photographic works have been showcased far and wide, including work that she did for the 1984 Olympics, Los Angeles Wilshire Vermont Station, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, AOL/Time Warner and Microsoft. Greiman was the first woman to design US postage stamp with the commissioning of the 1995 Commemorative US Stamp, 19th Amendment’ Women’s Voting Rights (more than 150 million impressions of this stamp were printed. Clients whose projects have become legendary for her trans-media approach include PacTel, Esprit, US West, and the Southern California of Architecture, Los Angeles.