Roski Talk: Dale Herigstad

Oct 22, 7pm
USC Graduate Building
1262 Palmetto St, LA (Arts District)


Talk is open to the public and free.

Details and reservations here.


This Roski Design Talk explores what graphic design means in the “post-screen” contexts of AR, VR, etc.  Dynamic, interactive graphics in space.  A bit about how we got here, and a bit about where we are going.  Virtual space and place are the new frontiers of design. Herigstad’s career spans the history of computer graphics, starting back in the late 70’s.  His journey moved from motion graphics to interaction design to future “post-screen” design.  After 33 years in Hollywood, and the sale of his design firm Schematic to WPP,  Dale moved to London.  His focus now is in both design and interaction in future-facing contexts.  "Graphics in space" is the new frontier.