Welcome to My Block

Exhibition by Alum Clare Wallmark
Opening Reception: May 26, 6pm
On view by appointment May 26 - Jun 8


This is a Ruth Weisberg Prize for Drawing Exhibition

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Welcome to My Block is an exhibition of diaristic drawings and drawing-like objects that engage with and abstract the notions of the “precious” in the “quotidian.” The work first originated in the artist’s personal experience of hair loss, utilizing sewed and crocheted strands of her fallen hair to re-aestheticize and transmute such “dross” into aesthetic objects. More broadly, the work in the show explores the acts of repetition, accumulation, preserving and valorizing (through collection and a preciousness or delicacy of treatment) as a means of engaging with a sense of loss and memory, while at the same time contemplating and referencing ideas of value, time, labor, domesticity, and “feminine identity.”