Yerchanig Sara Chakmakian: divine portals

Opening Reception: Oct 5, 6-8pm
Exhibition on view: Oct 6 - 19, 2022



Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery
USC Watt Hall (ground floor)
Gallery Hours: Mon - Friday, 9am - 5pm

Artists' Statement

My current work is centered around process, and coil building is a process I rely on in my personal practice as a clay artist. Coil building is an ancient practice that cultures from all over the world used in order to survive, and it was the most prominent technique among ancient societies because the only thing required are your hands. For the past 3 years, I have been weaving in between the design and fine art world, but I have always considered myself a maker above anything because my practice is centered around the hand made. With this body of work I am returning to one of those most primal processes, coil building.


For this body of work I created a series of ceramic vessels that are hand built using the coil method. The forms of these vessels are inspired by the female figures that are a reflection of the long line of strong matriarchs who have raised me and shown me the importance of preserving our culture, despite the genocide and displacement my ancestors have faced. These water goddesses are an act of preserving my culture and paying homage to the women in my life that keep our culture alive. These ceramic vessels serve as portals that connect ancient practices to my contemporary practice.