David Kelley Published in SFMoMA's Open Space

USC Roski Professor David Kelley had his article "Culture Stock" published on SFMoMA's Open Space. After extensive travels in the East, Kelley begins his piece:

"Two thousand years ago, the Chinese and Greeks had nearly identical terms to describe the abstract character of money: the Greeks used the word symbolon (symbol) and the Chinese used the term fú hào (symbol or tally). Symbola were everyday objects like a plate, a bone, or a ring chosen to represent an agreement between friends. They were broken in two, and each party took half to remind them of their promise....  Thus, money was born.

Like symbola, and tally sticks, photographs split the world in two, rending reality from its image and marking a relationship of inequality. And, like money, photographs are duplicates. Once the photograph is taken, it is unhinged from its subject, and becomes a symbol in circulation."

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