Exhibition "The Black Experience" Featured in Daily Trojan and USC News

The exhibition The Black Experience, on view in the Gayle and Ed Roski Fine Arts Gallery at the Roski Studios Building, is featured in the "USC Daily Trojan" and the "USC News." The Daily Trojan article, authored by one the of the artists whose works are in the exhibition, Jayna Dias, details how she and fellow Roski artist Angel Itua came to this exhibition, the works that would be presented and what they wanted visitors to take away.

"As two Black art students, we had an instantaneous mutual agreement to maintain Blackness at the forefront of the exhibition. Rarely do I see Black art in a collective space depicted in a manner that feels equally representative and welcoming — though I would like to commemorate the California African American Museum for their success in doing so. We not only wanted to highlight injustices and oppression through our pieces, but simultaneously celebrate and honor Black diasporic cultures and its aesthetics." 

The USC News piece is by Grayson Schmidt and shares insight into the conceptualizing of the exhibition and the reasons why they created this particular exhibition.

Read the full Daily Trojan article here.

Reach the full USC News article here.