Jennifer West's Cat Videos Appearing at Times Square

Jennifer West "Painted Cat Hacker Film" at Times Square

Every midnight in August, a clowder of glowing felines takes over Times Square. Artist Jennifer West’s Painted Cat Hacker Film transforms the “low art” of cat videos into a mesmerizing and monumental public artwork across the 80+ big screens. in conjunction with her Midnight Moment exhibition, West will present a curated selection of artists’ videos and experimental films featuring cats, "Cats on video, Cats on film". The online program on the TSA’s website, will feature artists Fischli & Weiss, Carolee Schneemann, Cory Archangel, Joyce Wieland, Maya Deren, Sarah Zucker, Casey Kauffmann (Roski MFA Alum), among others.

August 1–31, 2021 11:57pm – 12am

Details here.