Keith Mayerson Mentioned in New York Magazine

USC Roski Professor Keith Mayerson' solo exhibition My American Dream: This Land is Your Land is the latest chapter of a personal project called "My American Dream," a narrative series that he began 20 years ago after witnessing the attack in New York on September 11th, 2001. The exhibition prompted art critic Jerry Saltz, in his New York Magazine Vulture column of "The Best of New York Art Shows of 2021," to name Mayerson as one of the "artists who continue their work for decades at high levels--those with the lives-lived-in-art that we all hope for."

Mayerson was also invited to discuss the exhibition with the Brooklyn Rail Editor-at-Large Jason Rosenfeld.

My American Dream: This Land is Your Land is on view at the Karma Gallery, 188 & 172 East 2nd Street, New York


Read the New York Magazine article here.
Listen to the Brooklyn Rail interview here.