Kim Sweet Featured in Art and Cake

USC MFA candidate Kim Sweet is featured on Art and Cake. Arts writer Grant Vetter stated:

While the debut of Kim Sweet’s paintings at the USC Roski School of Art and Design marks the first time that the artist is having a solo exhibition in Los Angeles, she has been making challenging work about the human condition and our collective relationship to the landscape for many years. Power embodied in personages, distant horizons acting as a metaphor, and even the subtle interference of real-world objects pushed up against their representational doppelganger’s have always shared a place of prominence in her oeuvre. But in Sweet’s most recent suite of paintings, she strikes out for new territory by overlaying images of ecological desolation with the virtuality of etheric grids in order to talk about the inherent limitations of human consciousness.

Sweet's Solo MFA Thesis Exhibition opens May 5 (6 - 9pm) at the Roski Graduate Gallery in the Los Angeles Arts District (1262 Palmetto St., Los Angeles, CA 90013)

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