Marisol de la Garza in Daily Trojan

Roski student Marisol de la Garza is featured in the Daily Trojan. The interview focuses on her exhibition "Colorín Colorado, este cuento no se ha acabado" now on view in the Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery. Of the exhibition, Garza states: 

"Crafted from my personal experience as a stateside Puerto Rican, this show narrates a resurgence of mythological figures from the extinct Taino population to contrast their values and practices with today's. With undertones of conflicted identity, idealism and an emphasis on fleeting natural resources, the pieces work to insert the historical oppression of Puerto Rico into our daily discussion and media. Broken excerpts of folklore, deities, language and endangered animals from a childhood on and off the island highlight the constant uncertainty of the island's state, plagued by the contamination of the industry and the torrents of climate change, and a slipping economy." 

Full article here.