Oscar David Alvarez performance at Broad featured in Curate LA

Curate LA highlighted the October 11 event En Cuatro Patas at the Broad, in which USC MFA Art candidate Oscar David Alvarez performed.

This edition of En Cuatro Patas (The Broad’s feminist Latinx performance series) features three performances by artists Deborah Castillo, Oscar David Alvarez and Nadia Granados taking place throughout the The Broad museum. 

USC Roski MFA Art candidate Oscar David Alvarez’s TOOL Shirt utilizes elements from the psychoanalytic practice of Shadow Work, where a subject is faced with repressed desires to release them from their consciousness. This performance is part of a larger series in which Alvarez invites participants to wear hand-drawn t-shirts. Each shirt becomes a performance that uses the cultural vibe respective of a music group’s brand as its stage, or as a point of departure for a performance in which the audience/performer dynamic achieves a humorous repartee and volatility that ultimately seeks to surrender itself to the desires of the collective.

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