Roski Alum Carolina Caycedo Featured in ARTnews

Maximiliáno Durón of ARTnews visits the studio of Roski alum Carolina Caycedo for ARTnews. In the feature, he writes: 

"Fishermen and women along the Magdalena River in rural Colombia tend to use the same kind of handmade net, but each fisher casts it differently. The artist Carolina Caycedo, who spent her teenage years there, noticed this around ten years ago, during a visit. Such nuances in casting, she said, represent an “embodied knowledge” based on a “relationship you build with the river.” She was fascinated by the beauty of the nets and began buying them directly from the people who made them—many of whom became friends. She dyes them in brilliant colors, and uses them as the structure for her large sculptures that often resemble birdcages or hollowed drums."

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