Sharif Farrag Receives United States Artists Award

United States Artists announces 2022 fellows, including six L.A. area artists among the group of 63 honorees — the Chicago nonprofit’s largest class to date — including USC Roski School alum (’18) Sharif Farrag.

The awards, recognizing outstanding creative achievements and supporting future artistic endeavors, reflect creative work across 10 disciplines: architecture and design, craft, dance, film, media, music, theater and performance, traditional arts, visual art and writing. Of the award, Farrag states:

“It’s validating in some ways,” Farrag tells The Times in an interview. “I think that, for myself — I’m Middle Eastern, born in Reseda, and my parents are immigrants — just the small bit of the name being the United States Artists, and thinking of being an American artist, it’s something that excites me.”

“I get excited about the idea of hybridity,” he says. “I’m someone in between a lot of cultures, whether that’s being a Muslim and skateboarding or different music subcultures and countercultures, and a lot of my work visualizes that hybridity.”

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