Suzanne Lacy Appointed Co-Thinker at Queens Museum

Roski Professor Suzanne Lacy has been named a Co-Thinker as part of the Queens Museum's Year of Uncertainty (YoU) program.

The Queens Museum (QM) has embarked on a Year of Uncertainty (YoU), a framework for strengthening connection among the Museum, our communities, and constituents, focused on creating new possibilities for culture, kinship, and mutual support. Centered around themes of CareRepairPlayJustice, and The Future, this program responds to hyperlocal and international states of precarity that have been heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the crises of inaction and unaccountability toward racial justice and xenophobia, climate reparations, and income disparity. QM will dedicate resources to becoming a center for learning, research, collaboration and production; its public-facing efforts will be opened to internal processes, and vice versa. Taking indeterminacy as an invitation, YoU will explore new ways for institutions to support individuals and publics navigating a world that is always and increasingly shifting. 

At the center of YoU is a cohort of creative interlocutors that will become a part of the fabric of QM: six Artists-In-Residence (AIR) with diverse research-based and socially engaged practices encompassing discursive and participatory forms as well as object-based work; nine Community Partners (CP) from across the borough, tackling issues such as gender-justice; mental health; environmental justice; youth enrichment; gun violence prevention and intervention; LGBTQ+ activism; and civil rights for TGNB people and sex workers; and twelve artists, designers, scientists, writers, architects, and activists have been invited as Co-Thinkers to share their expertise and knowledge with AIR’s, CP’s, and the QM staff.