Suzanne Lacy Featured in "The New York Times"

"The New York Times" published the article "As Museums Become Her Ally, Suzanne Lacy Brings Her Activism Inside" featuring USC Roski Professor Suzanne Lacy.

Writer Jonathan Griffin discusses Lacy's current exhibition at the Whitworth Art Gallery and the Manchester Art Gallery in Manchester, England; as well as the recently opened survey of her art, “The Medium Is Not the Only Message,” at the Queens Museum, in New York (on view through August 14; details here.)

The exhibition features work made since the 1970s in what Lacy once termed “new genre public art” — politically engaged projects in which she involves communities in discursive, collaborative workshops and events on ageism, sexual violence, incarceration, immigration and other issues that might result in documentary photographs, video, performance, text, sound recordings, sculptures or — often — all of the above.

Read "The New York Times" article here.