Suzanne Lacy Project Reviewed in The Guardian

USC Roski Professor Suzanne Lacy's exhibition "What Kind of City?" is reviewed the The Guardian paper. The writer, Hannah Clugston, states:

Activism sits at the heart of Lacy’s work, which makes it tricky to categorise; “performance” negates the long-lasting impact of her collaborative interventions and “project” ignores the aesthetic value of her presentations. In simple terms, Lacy has spent the past five decades using art to chip away at inequalities and injustices, building bridges where silence has kept people divided. What Kind of City? across the Whitworth and Manchester Art Gallery brings together four of Lacy’s works, spanning 30 years from The Oakland Projects (1991-2001) to Uncertain Futures (2021).

The solo exhibition is now of view at the Whitworth Gallery through April 10, 2022. 

Read the full review here.